About Us


SIP is committed to help people age-in-place in our community. The Executive meets to discuss government policies and then informs the community through forums and activities.
Meet the SiP Committee

SIP's Commitments


SIP will

  • Aim to build relationships, friendships and networks

  • Promote vetted and affordable services for older people that support them to live independently in the community

  • Deliver cultural and recreational activities

  • Provide advocacy

  • Provide reliable information to members and residents


SIP believes in

  • Helping older people to be strong and in control of their own lives

  • Promoting wellbeing and wellness in Portarlington

  • Care, dignity, diversity, respect and self fulfilment

  • Encouraging older people to be included in community life

  • Being flexible



SIP's structure will

  • Be community owned and controlled by older residents, SIP will be member driven

  • Ensure all members are equal participants