The Agewell Campaign and Petition

A new Aged Care Alliance
A national campaign is underway to "Agewell - End the Age Care Lottery". The National Aged Care Alliance, representing over 40 diverse groups including Council on the Ageing, professional groups (e.g. nurses, audiologists, social workers, occupational therapists), indigenous and ethnic health associations, the National Rural Health Network, the Older Persons' Action Group, churches and the RSL, says " It is not ok that we have old and frail Australians waiting three months and longer for care and sometimes then stuck in care that is not up to scratch."

In particular, the Alliance wants the political parties to be much more explicit and clear about their policies relating to the care of older Australians.

The Alliance is advocating for:

  • the end to ratios for services that restrict the number of residential places and home care packages

  • the end to time delays once eligibility has been assessed, bringing aged care services into line with Medicare and pension payments

  • greater consumer control over both choice of providers and how funds are spent

Those interested in more details and to sign a petition to end the aged care lottery go to