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NBN Co. provides the infrastructure that enables us to link up with the National Broadband Network, and its website ( guidelines about what sort of internet user (basic, medium, heavy) you are – but you must contact a service provider/retailer to actually connect. The points below might help you:



  • If you are not using the internet and want to keep your voice only/phone service with a month by month contract option, only wiring needs to be changed.

  • Most NBN plans/contracts (with a service provider) are two years, however if you are selling or likely to go into an aged care facility some providers offer contract options eg monthly which may suit you.

  • Telstra are also required to offer a package to low income households for continued access to voice service over the NBN including cabling.

  • There are questions you might need to ask:


  • Will my current router and modem work on the NBN. If not how much will a new router cost and can I avoid paying it?


  • Will I be charged an early termination fee when I move to the NBN? How can I avoid it? Can I avoid an activation or set up fee?


  • Am I better off, money wise, on a long term (eg 2 years) plan, or would I do better with pre-paid which gives me a set value limit and enables top up as needed?

To answer this, you should consider how much internet you use each month (see the NBN Co. guidelines), whether you have other devices (eg ipad or tablet with a SIM card, mobile phone, landline phone) that might add up to a ‘bundle’


  • What happens if you’re on a plan and you use up your monthly allowance? Do you get an alert? Does it cost more, or just slow down, or both?


Residents on Medical Alert systems should check with their alarm service provider before making the move to NBN to ensure that their device is compatible with the NBN. We also recommend registering with NBN Co’s Medical Alarm Register by phoning 1800 227 300 or by completing the online form at